Azores seen by KraxeWien

Azores seen by KraxeWien


There is, indeed, an extraordinary and quiet quality about life in Azores, where the main traffic snarls involve oxcarts and cows.

But there is also an air of rediscovery about these mid‐Atlantic islands. The Azores archipelago comprises of nine unique islands between Portugal (932 miles) and North America (2,423 miles).

The peak time to visit Azores would be between April and October when the weather is at its most settled, although unpredictable weather is no stranger in any of the annual seasons. The islands are particularly beautiful in the Spring (Apr-Jun) when the archipelago erupts into vibrant colors with the bloom of hydrangeas, agapanthus and ginger lily.


All the islands are good for walking but some of the most scenic walks can be found on São Miguel, São Jorge, Flores and Santa Maria islands. At São Miguel, take a drive to see a fabulous volcanic crater lake, or visit a pineapple factory and tea plantation.

Other recommendation is to take a bath in a thermal hot pool in Furnas' botanical park. Do you know that 24 of the planet's 80 species of whales and dolphins have been sighted off the coast of the Azores? Don´t miss the opportunity!!



Photography: KraxeWien

Text: KraxeWien


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