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As soon as we got to Greece we went to Zakynthos, so the bar was too high. As soon as we returned to the continent everything seemed less beautiful and less careful. We went from beach to beach looking for a place to stay, but the Greek spot we were looking for was not enough. The beaches of Peloponnese are not paradisiacal, with turquoise blue water and white sand. On the contrary, the beaches are even dirty and of dark sand. After parking in a few places, without success, we decided to consult the Park4night app. So it was, the application suggested us a place that in the photos looked nice. We got there and it was more than nice, it was really amazing. Describing the place, it was a forest by the beach, full of motorhomes, with shower, place to wash dishes, a common area with tables, chairs, board games, vegetables, fruits and a sign that had written: take what you need, leave what you want. We had never seen anything like it, wonderful! We had everything we needed for a few days...even the baker would spend there in the morning selling bread, milk, eggs, etc.
Link to the spot 
We continue down the Peloponnese with its olive-laden plains. On the way we visited some waterfalls, Polilimnio Waterfalls, with incredibly turquoise water. We also stopped at a beach with an abandoned ship called Selinitsa in Gythio.


Although the beaches of Peloponnese are not incredible, there were some spots on the Greek continent that marked us quite a bit, and this was undoubtedly one of them. Advised by a vanlifer couple who told us that we could not lose this place. My God, I'm glad we have this old habit of following the tips of the guys, otherwise we wouldn't have made it to this paradise. Access is not very easy, but the old saying goes that difficult roads lead to incredible places. No more...we hadn't parked Pingu yet and couldn't close our mouths anymore. We were then on the beach, in a beautiful bay, alone, with Pingu on the sand. Better it would be impossible. We spent 3 wonderful days there only with the company of sailboats and fishing boats.
Link to the spot 
No doubt as we progressed, the landscapes became more beautiful and richer. The village of Paros was a pleasant surprise on the way to Athens. In Greece there is the habit of drinking cold coffee, they call it "frappé" and we quickly adopted this habit and Paros invited us for a walk and a drink.
We then arrived at a place very crowded either by vanlifers, by campers with their tents, or by Sunday people who just like to go with their marmitas out to lunch. A very beautiful place, great beach, lots of corals for snorkeling, we decided to stay there. I wanted us to park next to a French couple who ended up being our friend. That night we cooked for them, the next day we shared the experience of tasting sea urchins and it was two days of wonderful conversations. This is vanlife!
Link to the spot 
Greece is the best country for vanlife. There is no legislation forbidding us to park or even stay overnight. More than once we park Pingu on the beach, no problem at all. People are super nice, there are even spots where showers are placed for motorhomes. We can park next to cafes and restaurants and use their bathrooms, without any problem. There people show us that we are welcome, no matter what vehicle we travel in. There is no ban, there is a prevention, because cars from the forestry authorities were passing by to check that everything was all right and they just asked us not to build fires. Praiseworthy attitudes!
After visiting Zakynthos and getting to know part of the Greek mainland, we realised that the real beauty of Greece lies in its islands. So we decided to visit one more. After receiving many messages advising us to visit Milos and after our research, there was no doubt, Milos was the chosen one!

The ferry departs from the port of Piraeus in Athens. The duration will be between 3 and 7 hours depending on the type of boat. But those with cars are the slowest so our trip was the longest. We pay 270 eur round trip. While we were there in Pingu waiting for the ferry, a couple asked us if we knew where the ferry to Milos left from and the next moment we were the 4 of us sharing a bottle of wine. Needless to say, the days in Milos were spent at 4, us with Pingu and them with the car and a tent on top. The boat then left us in Adamantas, the cultural and commercial city of the island. Here are most of the services, restaurants, hotels, etc..

We spent 5 days in Milos, enough to know and enjoy the island.

What you can't miss:
Adamantas (Adamas), the most touristic city with more amenities, ideal to be the base for those who do not travel by motorhome.
Agios Haralambos Church, Adamantas, an imposing church with a blue dome.
Plaka, considered the historical center of Milos. We advise you to get lost in its narrow streets and make the climb to the castle (kastro), from where it is mandatory to see the best sunset on the island.
Pollonia, a village with many amenities, but less central. Here also has a port where the ferries that make the connections between islands stop. It has a large bay, with sand and a restaurant area with esplanades by the water.
St. Nicholas Church, Pollonia, on the left side of the bay is this small church that deserves a visit.
Klima, is a small fishing village with colorful houses, right on top of the water. Syrmata is the name given to the houses excavated in the rock next to the water line whose lower floor served as shelter
to protect the boats from bad weather, and the upper one for the fishermen's habitation. Now they've been converted into summer houses.
Mandrakia, small fishing port worth a visit!
Sarakíniko, considered one of the most beautiful and unusual beaches in the world, a lunar beach, unlike anything we have ever seen! White rocks, strongly eroded by winds and water, give a lunar aspect to this cliff.


Mytakas, that was our sleeping spot for three nights. It's a bay divided in two by an arm of dirt. On one side there is a beach with straws and on the other side there is a small beach with three fishing houses, beautiful to die for!
Agios Konstantinos, a small bay with
crystal clear water, surrounded by colorful houses. The houses have outdoor showers and we venture to ask the owner and take a fresh water bath!
Kleftiko Beach, only accessible by sea. We rent a boat from Poseidon Milos (no charter required). Place of imposing rock formations that hide a bay of crystalline waters and a small beach.
From the first day we realized that it wouldn't be easy to visit the island of Pingu, because some roads are quite narrow, there are also accesses to beaches that are more complicated, so we decided to rent a 4 wheeler. Best decision we made! This way we managed to get everywhere. We strongly advise you to do the same, not only because of the experience but also because this way you get to know more, even those more hidden beaches.
In Adamantas there are several rental options and they vary between 30,-EUR and 40,-EUR  per day.

These were the places that marked us most in this visit to Milos, however there is much more to see, just let yourselves lost by what, for us, was the biggest surprise in Greece.

Be happy,

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