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BRUGG - Kraxe Wien
BRUGG - Kraxe Wien
BRUGG - Kraxe Wien
BRUGG - Kraxe Wien
BRUGG - Kraxe Wien
BRUGG - Kraxe Wien
BRUGG - Kraxe Wien
BRUGG - Kraxe Wien
BRUGG - Kraxe Wien
BRUGG - Kraxe Wien
BRUGG - Kraxe Wien
BRUGG - Kraxe Wien


€ 105.00
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Farbe - cobre-carbon


Kraxe-Wien ist eine Marke, die zu 100% in Europa produziert wird.

  • Hochwertige Vinyl-Kohlenstofffaser – wasserdicht
  • Wasserdichte Reißverschlusstasche vorne
  • Zwei Innentaschen
  • Innentasche mit Reißverschluss
  • Innenhülle für Notebook 13" und Ipad
  • Grauer Liner
  • Verstellbare Schultergurte


  • 42cm x 30cm x 14cm
  • Volumen 18L


Kraxe-Wien is a brand produced 100% in Europe.

All Kraxe-Wien backpacks and products are produced in the north of Portugal, more precisely in the city of Porto.

Our factory is small and much of the production is done by hand.

All the materials used are produced in portugal, germany and italy.

Our design is developed by the brand's creators in austria, more precisely in the city of vienna.

Our aim is to bring comfort and practicality to everyday life through different and colorful fabrics.

All our backpacks are waterproof and come with a 2-year guarantee.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our design and production process,
please send an E-mail to v.schaefer@kraxe-wien.com

About the product

The Brugg Backpack is a unique and versatile model, ideal for those looking for a different style. Functioning as a laptop rucksack and studenten rucksack, it offers practicality and organization for students and professionals. Inspired by the backpacks and aesthetics of the 80s, this waterproof backpack combines retro charm with modern functionality. It can also be used as a sport rucksack, perfect for physical activities and everyday life. With its exclusive design, the Brugg Backpack is the ideal choice for contemporary urban style, combining nostalgia and practicality.


€ 105.00

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